password Creating and Protecting Email PasswordsAre you going to set up an email account? For either personal or business use, you need a strong password to protect your account with all of its contents. Thus, here we are going to talk about how to create strong email passwords and also protect them. Simply follow the three ways below:

Avoid putting identifiable word/phrase

password1 150x150 Creating and Protecting Email PasswordsYour family, colleague, and close people absolutely know your name, company’s name, birthday, and address, so don’t include it in your email password. In other words, you should not put a word or phrase that everyone can guess easily. What you need to do is to think about any word or phrase that is not identifiable by others but can be remembered by only you.

Consider at least 8 characters with varying type

password character 150x150 Creating and Protecting Email PasswordsAccording to an article on Microsoft, a strong password should at least contain 8 characters. Bear in mind not to use complete words or phrases. For examples are beautiful, happylife, workaholic, etc. Vary the type of characters with uppercase or lowercase, number, and symbol. Change “happylife” to “h4ppYl1fE” or “workaholic” to “W0rk^hol!C”, and so on. The more variations of character, the harder it is to be guessed and hacked. It doesn’t even matter if your password contains misspelling.

Differ from other passwords

password6 150x150 Creating and Protecting Email PasswordsPerhaps, you have tons of accounts, whether it is email service, social media site, internet forum, or others. Most people assume that it’s better to use the same password for all accounts in order to avoid forgetting any password. However, this is absolutely unsafe because ignorant people can easily hack all of your accounts at once if so.

After creating a strong email password, you need to protect and secure it. Apart from not revealing your password to others, including to the closest people, make sure to also keep your passwords. If you write down them on paper or save on Excel sheet, it must be stored in a very safe place that can’t be accessed by others. Ask for email password help if you need ideas or tips to protect yours.

In addition, don’t forget to change your email passwords regularly. Find a new word or phrase for this and never reuse old passwords.




Method for Creating a Website (1)

buoild website Method for Creating a Website (1)The Solution for establishing an effective site is only a method by continuing and that which we proceed within our daily existence”. A web site is what’s really in popular or really distinctive by means of visualization and info“. By understanding we are striving in our site. The effective center method which I use includes only 11 components. (more…)

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artificial grass c Do These If You Want to Buy Artificial Grass OnlineMy neighbor really felt disappointed and annoyed because synthetic grass that was bought online last week was low quality. He told me that he spent hundreds of dollars only for bad product. Undoubtedly, online fraud often happens at this moment. Generally, the most of the victims are new online shoppers. Btw, if you are a homeowner who is interested in buying artificial grass online, but you are afraid of dealing with online fraud, it is better to do things like mentioned below: (more…)

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Prevent Social-networking Risks (5)

Social networking Risks Prevent Social networking Risks (5)Behavior-based attacks rely on deceiving customers into acting in an unsafe way. All these are harder since they may simply be countered with a altering user behaviour to fight. Some guidelines are offered by the Get Safe Online website for marketing safely, for instance, following: (more…)

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Prevent Social-networking Risks (4)

Social networking Risks2 Prevent Social networking Risks (4)This loop-hole was closed fast, but yet another earthworm, called Scrapkut, appeared on Orkut early in 2008. It looked innocuous initially, but it was quickly found that it might intercept login periods at a few Brazilian financial Websites and substitute parts using a bogus authentication prompt which might catch the users’ log-on credentials. (more…)

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Prevent Social-networking Risks (3)

Social networking Risks3 Prevent Social networking Risks (3)Antivirus vendor Symantec has maintained that weaknesses which might be utilized by hackers to seize control of Windows Computers are within ActiveX controls agreed to customers for uploading pictures to their own pages by both Bebo and FB. The controls are derived from an ActiveX control called Picture Uploader, created by Aurigma Inc. (more…)

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